Kind words from my clients


I was Sabrina's first client and instantly found her to be completely different to other personal trainers I've had in the past. She really listens to what I want to achieve and devises programmes which are fun and pushes me to reach my goals.

She's taught me that small victories are as important as the big ones and as a result my body transformation has far exceeded my expectations and I feel much healthier.

Sabrina has an amazing infectious energy which keeps you motivated and I'm always excited to see what new exercises and challenges she's going to come up with. 

Sabrina is always thinking of new ideas to keep sessions exciting and new.  She listens to your goals and does everything she can to support you in achieving them.  She is constantly motivating and pushing you to be the best version of yourself!  I crawl away from every session proud of what she has helped me achieve!  Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to start their fitness journey or just needs some new ideas to re vamp their current training!


Since starting with Sabrina four months ago she has changed my life for the better ! 

Not only is she inspirational lady she has kept me motivated to achieve my goals and has become an amazing support for me on my weight loss journey! 

Not only are my PT sessions enjoyable! They are tailored to suit you. I have pushed boundaries and noticed so much change! This lady deserves a medal for her dedication and love for what she does !

I have tried all the 'branded diets' but have fallen off the wagon and been dragged back into the forest of doom and gloom so many times I have lost count!  

She won't give up on you, constantly strives to find ways to adapt exercises if they aren't quiet ticking the box for you and more importantly BELIVES IN YOU!  
Sabrina May has been my PT for nearly 2 years, I am a different person inside and out and I do quiet literally owe it all to her.  Having Sabrina there to help me through those  lows gets me back to those highs and when I am on that high...........I feel invincible!


Training with Sabrina is hard work and challenging but really rewarding, she is so lovely and will listen to everything you ask and will make sure you achieve your goal.  Sabrina has not just been a personal trainer to me, she has now become an amazing friend.

I love training with Sabrina. Her can do attitude really pushes you to do better and her continued support always motivates me to keep going on my weight loss journey.


"I have had Sabrina for the past 12 weeks, I have already lost 7inches all over!! I’m so pleased 
I was so worried about doing weights as I didn’t want to bulk and I haven’t she is amazing PT!! I have had so many pt sessions and spent so much money it was a waste I wish I would of had Sabrina sooner being a a mum of 4 it’s hard to get balance she totally gets that.
To sum Sabrina up she is amazing 😉"

Sabrina is a dedicated and hard working woman! She pushes me to my limits and goes all out to find new and fun exercises to keep me coming back and actually enjoy going to the gym!


I have been training with Sabrina for a few weeks now and she is honestly amazing! I feel so comfortable with her, and her workouts are always fun and varied.  I love walking into a session to discover what weird and wonderful things she will have me doing!  She is so much more than just a trainer, she really goes above and beyond with her clients, always touching base to see how we are getting on, and has even set up a whatsapp group for us all to share workout and recipe ideas, and to motivate you on the days you need it!  I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get fit or fall in love with exercise again.

Sabrina is the most enthusiastic, supportive, motivating and empathetic personal trainer I have come across. Not to mention she is hilarious and a complete delight to train with... She knows exactly when to push me and when is enough (due to a back injury). I cannot explain how confident and proud of myself I feel after completing a session with her. She truly is incredible at her job and because she has been on her own weight loss journey she understands how sometimes it can be tough and is with you every step of the way. I have lost 4 stone with a change of diet as well as training with her and will continue to do so due to the motivation she give me. Overall I couldn't recommend her enough!!!


I would absolutely recommend Sabrina if you are looking for a PT.  I have been training with Sabrina fr a few months now and every week is a different challenge.  Sabrina will help you reach your personal goals, she is inspiring and very helpful.

I came to Sabrina with some really specific requests due to old injuries.  She's REALLY helped improve strength and flexibility in these areas and i continue to train with her now because she always pushes me to train so hard.  My fitness and overall porting performance has improved no end, and i always LOVE the sessions!  

Angela D
Angela H

If you want to start feeling good about yourself, your shape and where you want to be in the future then Sabrina's your woman.  Just put in the commitment, effort and trust and results will soon follow.  I highly recommend Sabrina as a personal trainer, her sessions are fun and motivating and set you up for the week.

Sabrina is a very motivational PT and is skilled at helping you to feel proud of your achievements however large or small.  She excels at tailoring her sessions to each and everyone's personal aims/goals and is still enthusiastic helping people whatever their level and whatever their age.  I personally have far exceeded my own fitness expectations and have proved to myself life can improve at 60 years old thanks to Sabrina!

Emma L

Would definitely recommend Sabrina if you are looking for a PT.  I have been with her for nearly a year, she has helped me not only with losing weight/inches but also with my anxiety and confidence.  I feel more positive after every session!  She makes the sessions different every week, so much fun and always pushes me when i say I can't do it as she knows full well i can!  Sabrina is a very inspiring, helpful and a kind and caring person!  

Sabrina has encouraged me to push my boundaries and gt out of my comfort zone at the gym.  I can see results even after just a few months.

Emma B

Sabrina does personalised programmes to suit you.  They are amazing and she is so lovely and helpful and supports you all the way.  Definately would recommend.

Would definately recommend Sabrina.  She is very motivating and always trying new isdeas and ways to train!