How I became the official Personal Trainer for Terri Ann's brands

Back in 2013, I discovered the Terri Ann 123 Diet plan through a friend who was doing the plan and  was seeing some amazing results. The thing which most appealed to me was the fact I didn't have to cut out all of my food - it's my weakness! I'm a huge foodie and the meals and snacks looked so tasty - I couldn't believe i could eat all this lovely food and loose weight.  


I signed up, and as part of the sign up fee (a one off fee) i got acess to the members area where there were admin to answer any questions, members progress pics, recipe files and Terri Ann herself offering support.

My progress while on Terri Ann's diet was nothing short of miraculous. After just 10 days on the plan I had lost a stone, and as the weeks moved on, the lbs kept falling off.

One day I decided to post a picture of my progress comparing how I looked when I started with how I did on that day. The feedback and support I received from other members and the admins was amazing.

Terri Ann even reached out and sent me a personal message saying a massive well done on my progress so far and she asked if she could use my photos and experiences on her website.

As the months passed, Terri Ann and I started talking more frequently and through Terri Ann's contacts the media began to take an interest in my weightloss journey. They asked me if I'd be interested in talking about my results as they wanted to run an article on me! I couldn't believe this was happening and I remember being so nervous about telling my story to so many people!


It took me a while, but after thinking on it, why wouldn't i want to publish my story? I used to be the girl who would sit and read articles on other people's progress and think how amazing their progress was and I wished that could be me and now it actually was!

"I used to be the girl who would sit and read articles on other people's progress... I wished it could be me & now it was!"

During my weight loss journey, I decided to join the local gym; I was so worried that I would end up with loads of baggy skin as I was losing lots of weight quite quickly. I wanted to see if I could tone up as I went.  I signed up and never looked back. Each week, I pushed myself a little more and started to see progression in my fitness. It's during this time that I fell in love with weight training and noticed inches coming off and my shape changing.

It dawned on me one morning that when I went to try my clothes on, I'd changed from a size 22/24 when I started, to a 16 when I joined the gym, and now I was a size 12! I could't remember the last time I was a size 12, and I wanted to see just how far I could go. I had tons of energy, motivation and love for exercise!

I have thought about retraining as something different for quite a long time, but now I want to be a Personal Trainer, I was so worried because I wasn't sure I'd be able to retrain, continue being a single mum and more fundamentally, would I even be good enough? With Terri-Ann’s support and with the blessing of my friends and family, I went for it!

I signed up, I loved learning and challenging myself, and then I landed a job at the local leisure centre.  I told them about my dream to become a successful Personal Trainer and that I wouldn't be qualified for about a year. They could see how hungry and passionate I was and make my dream job a reality. Luckily they were happy to wait and offered me a role in the front of house team while I trained.


Throughout this period, I was in contact with Terri Ann. I was giving her updates as I felt I owed it all to her amazing plan! Without this plan, it's quite likely nothing in my life would have changed!

A year down the line, I qualified! I sobbed as the examiner explained to me that I had passed. I had done it! I couldn't wait to tell Terri Ann and share this with all her online members! She was so supportive, congratulated me and said how proud she was of me, which was lovely to hear!

"A year later I'd qualified. I was a Personal Trainer!"

From that moment on, there was no stopping me.  I built up my clients locally. Having been on this journey, I was lucky enough to have something a little bit different to the other personal trainers at the leisure centre. People could relate to me when it came to the emotional side our journey; how we feel about ourselves, our relationship with food, the self sabotage we put ourselves through and the lack of knowledge when it came to training.  

After a few years doing personal training and keeping in touch with Terri Ann, she contacted me about a future project she wanted to work on with me.  We arranged to meet up in her home county of Doncaster to discuss it all!

I was so excited we were finally going to meet. The whole journey up there, I kept thinking of how far I had come in the last two years, and now she wanted to meet me and discuss working together on something!

The project we discussed involved creating a DVD for a home workout for her members, and I loved this idea. We are still working on this now so watch this space!

In the next few months, Terri Ann asked me to speak at a meet and greet she was organising.  I felt honoured to be asked, but I turned up petrified having to talk in front of a huge crowd of people. To this day, I always check the members area as it's amazing to see people's progress pictures - they still motivate and inspire me.  I love to check out any new recipes and see what new things have been added.


Whilst I was online looking through the posts on her page, I came across a member who had posted something which really resonated with me and I felt I had to comment and help this lady! She had gone to the gym and asked a fitness instructor if it was best to lift heavy weights and do less repetitions or lift lighter weights and do more, to which his reply was you need to look at your diet first.  This poor lady was mortified, other members were commenting saying this is what puts them off the gym, or this is what personal trainers are like. I felt compelled to restore some faith, not only in this particular member's opinion and experience, but also 1000’s of others reading, so i began writing my reply.......

I commented explaining each style of training and what this would do to her body and why. This was me giving a little bit of advice back and offering help any way I could - it was the whole reason why I became a personal trainer in the first place.

The comments i got back were AMAZING. I had such lovely messages thanking me for support and this led me to think that I could help Terri Ann’s members further.


I got in touch with Terri Ann straight away.  I asked if she had ever thought of having a personal trainer to help with all fitness questions, as I would love to help out.

Terri Ann said I must have read her mind as she had been thinking exactly the same thing and would love to have me as part of the Terri Ann brand helping 1000’s of members!  She left it with me to devise a plan as to what i could offer, as well as answering fitness questions.

A few weeks later, I shared a month's schedule with Terri Ann, detailing the topics I'd like to discuss each week, some fun fitness video challenges for the members, mini videos targeting specific muscle groups and why it's important to work  them. I then wanted to look into a section on re-occurring issues which I notice members bringing up when it comes to fitness. A lot of these are the same as a majority of my own client's too and we both wanted to add this as a great extra as part of the Terri Ann brand membership.

I firmly believe that while it's great to be able to follow a generic programme, I wanted to offer tailored programmes too, so that i could really help individual members who needed a little extra support and advice when it comes to fitness.  I will be there at the end of a phone checking in on progress and offering Skype and other video call sessions too, for those who don't live locally to me, or if they don't want to go to the gym or simply just want to work out from anywhere they choose!

After this long road, Terri Ann was thrilled with what we had agreed to look at each month  and the rest is history!


I am now officially the online Personal Trainer for the whole brand! I love that I can help thousands of members with their fitness needs and I hope I can become a small part of their journey to reaching their goals.

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