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Get To Know Me

I'm a PT now, but I used to carry a lot more baggage than meets the eye.


 I want you to understand my journey before you work with me and we can start your journey together.

In my teens, I slowly started gaining weight. It really began to add up over the years. Some of the weight gain can be put down to social activities at that age, but mainly I wasn't very knowledgeable about food and I didn't do much physical activity after leaving school.

I found myself gaining so much weight that I had gone from a size 8 to a 22 or 24 and I topped the scales at nearly 17 stone or 238lbs.  You could definitely say I had a bad relationship with food, I was an emotional eater.

Because of my weight I lost all my confidence. I used to hide in baggy clothes: layering up in the summer, when it was scorching outside, to conceal myself. I literally hated what I saw in the mirror. 


One day I couldn't face it any more and decided to change my life FOREVER.

I embarked on a food plan which actually enabled me to eat MORE than what I would do normally. Using lots of fresh ingredients to make tasty recipes and banishing convenience food.  I learnt the nutritional value of different foods and what they do your body, I had literally zero knowledge of this before I embarked on this journey.  I never realised how easy it was to make such delicious healthy foods.


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My Story

"Changing my diet changed everything"

After starting a healthy eating food plan, I lost a whopping

14lbs in the first month, and I didn’t feel deprived

of anything.  The weight loss then started to slow to around 7-10lbs a month,  

After losing 4 stone (56lbs) and dropping 4 dress sizes I decided to join a gym

as my confidence was starting to grow and I wanted to tone up as I lost the weight and gain some fitness back! I remember my first session in the gym I was so nervous and worried about what my induction would be like and what other people may think of me as the gym always seemed like such an intimidating place to be. Needless to say I LOVED it and never looked back.

After a few months I found myself looking at videos and trying out different exercises for myself, training with friends and I would put a programme together of what we would do when we were in the gym, I even did little workouts at home. I loved seeing changes in my body and my confidence started to make an appearance.

As my confidence grew each week, I discovered my love for lifting heavier weights.  I had no idea what I was doing in terms of repetitions and sets but I always liked the number 10 so stuck with that having no idea that I was actually hypertrophy training (building lean muscle) hence the further inch loss and toning up!  With training this way the inches just fell off and I dropped down to a size 8/10.


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Becoming a PT

One day after working out with a few friends one day one of them said “Sabrina you should train as a PT. I think you would be great at it.” I just laughed it off!


I knew I loved to train, but to think of actually doing that all day with other people would be a dream come true. But I had this doubt about whether I would be good enough.


After doing my research and looking into it for hours on end I made a scary decision and just decided to go for it! I studied for a few years and learnt so much! I was so proud of myself I was in tears when I officially qualified.

 "The biggest sense of achievement for me, is seeing my clients happy and proud of themselves"

Now I get to do what I love every single day, I love to come up with new ideas each session and see clients progress towards their goals and achieve them which is the biggest sense of achievement for me, seeing my clients happy and proud of themselves and I get to be a small part of their journey as its them who put in the hard work between sessions at home and with food etc!

I am more than just a personal trainer, I always keep in contact with my clients between sessions. I will always check how they are the day after a session and all of my clients have access to my WhatsApp group where we share recipes, I come up with weekly challenges and we arrange meet ups to train together! 


As a PT you become a friend, mentor and sometimes even a councillor too! I am here anytime, any day of the week. I understand there's an emotional side to your weight loss and sometimes it's difficult when when you're going through a lifestyle change because I've had these issues too. I like to help clients work through their triggers with eating and I love seeing their confidence coming back, bit by bit, as they see changes in their body.

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading about my journey. Now it's time to start yours, click the link below and we can get started together.